Go High Value Farming With Harbest Agritech

Hands-on training in short-term, high-value crops production with proven and doable technology.

Why go high-value farming?

In recent years, more and more professionals are looking into agribusiness as an option for livelihood opportunities. It is indeed a boost to our agricultural development as a country that has been dependent on imports, to a significant extent, for its food requirement. Technology-based agricultural development by these new breed of farmers aims for quality and profits.
As good agricultural land is getting scarse, with water and inputs getting expensive, the yield per square meter of land and per unit of input becomes important. New technologies to increase yield and improve quality are constantly being researched on and developed all over the world.

pace of adapting these technology is also increasing. Hence, our technology-oriented agribusinessmen are reaping the fruits on their investments.

A niche in this agribusiness development is the production of short-term, high-value fruits and vegetables. These are melons, sweet corn, papaya, specialty tomatoes, oriental ampalaya, Japanese okra, pickling and salad cucumber, heat-tolerant crucifers, oriental eggplants, Korean radish and oriental leafy vegetables.

Take the case of melons. There are now hundreds of new varieties to choose from as your “agribusiness partnership” with watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew for your market. These comes in different shape, size, taste and color for all types of markets. We call them partners because they will give you the profits once you specialize and produce high-quality fruits and vegetables from your chosen variety. And you can shift from one variety to another for your niche markets.

Short-term because it takes from one month to nine months for the crops to mature for harvesting. High-value crops give the investor from P100,000 to P500,000 income per hectare per crop cycle. That’s worth your time, money and effort, isn’t it?

Interested in Agribusiness?
It’s always advisable to study and learn about your choice crops first before even sowing your first seed. HARBEST AGRITECH gives free consultation on how you can start with high-value farming on short-term, high-value fruits and vegetables.

Attend seminars, hands-on training or just listen to the old folks and experienced growers. These new knowledge can guide you and have your two feet firmly on the ground when you start. HARBEST conducts seminars and hands-on training on the commercial production of these crops. Our field technician can also visit your farm for a fee to give professional assessment and advise.

You are the success factor
Whatever business you go into, the primary component is YOU. Your time, your investment, your qualities – knowledge and wisdom, industriousness, perseverance, sense of purpose, sense of responsibility, marketing sense, attention to details and etc. You have to test yourself if you can work under the sun, visit your farm regularly and deal with your workers. Check if you have the patience to do accounting records and bring your produce to market.


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