Urban farming for everyone
The fast-paced development of Metro Manila and other urban centers in the Philippines shows the growth of urban markets for vegetables and short-term fruits. These high-value crops can be grown easily in vacant lots and areas in the city. There are now pockets of these vegetables patches in Fairview, Fort Bonifacio, San Mateo, Taytay as well as inside subdivisions. Urbanities are becoming more aware of the health benefits in eating clean and fresh vegetables and fruits.

HARBEST AGRIBUSINESS CORPORATION recently formalized its Urban and Peri-urban Agricultue Department simply called URBAN HARBEST to support this growing need for people to plant their own vegetables in their backyard or in containers and for those interested to take urban farming as a business. Our HARBEST AGRITECH Teams are also actively promoting the Vegetable Self-Sufficiency Program of Local Government (LGUs) by developing agricultural barangays in cities or municipalities and surrounding areas near urban centers into Peri-urban agricultural production modules. This activity has gained acceptance among LGUs nationwide.

URBAN HARBEST has drawn up several activities and training modules to educate interested Urban Farmers on how to develop their resources for specific profitable projects in vegetable and fruit production. We hope that you will avail of these products and services for your proper guidance.

North Greenhills Association DEMO FARM
Chinese Kang Kong, Grand Rapid and Red Rapid lettuce, Pak Choi are already for harvest after 30 days. These fresh vegetable are now available to the residents of North Greenhills in the PICK'N PAY Garden Center assisted by HARBEST AGRITECH.


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