Techno-Demo and Training Farm

Modern and workable agricultural technology is essential in the development of an agri-based industry using short-term, high-value crop cycle. By short-term, the production cycle may range from three weeks to four months. To modernize the vegetable and short-term fruit industy in the Philippines, it is important to learn and apply practical technology that is not so capital intensive and should be adaptable by common growers

It is with this backdrop that HARBEST AGRIBUSINESS CORP. started the TECHNO-DEMO AND TRAINING FARM arrangement with interested growers and goverment agencies. This arrangement is covered by a Memorandum of Agreement between Harbest and the Grower. The basic features of this arrangement are :

For Harbest : to provide the technology for the commercial production of short-term, high-value crops and provide marketing guidance for the produce.

For Grower : to provide the land, labor, capital and management of the farm.

It is important that the project will have these conditions:
1. Fertile, flat and arable land.
2. Sufficient source of water for the whole crop cycle.
3. Security.
4. Accessiblility.
5. Availability of a full-time technician from the Grower who will receive and apply the technology and manage the farm.

An important features of this arrangement is the Training Module which is opened to about twenty trainees to be organized by the Grower. A calendar of activities defines the training program for the duration of the crop cycle. Important stages of the growth cycle are empahasized with hands-on training and technical briefings.

A Harbest Festival culminates the activities with the introduction of the new varieties to the local consumers and traders.
demo farm doing their own planting in a small scale production. Gradually a domestic market is developed with the sustainable suppy of produce using F1-hybrid varieties. As production volume is stabilized, new opportunities arise with local traders and wholesalers getting interested on a long term supply contact. This cycle normally takes about a year or two.

A final point is that vegetables and fuits produced using improved technology will result in higher yield and better eating quality. Market acceptability takes a short-time to establish. Production cost is definitely lower because of higher yield. The end result is more afforable vegetables and fruits, available in most part of the year. And the fact is most the these can be grown in any part of the Philippines.


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