Harbest Agritech Services

Technical Seminars
1. A three-hour seminar conducted at the HARBEST HEAD OFFICE by experienced technical staff. Topics touch on land preparation up to harvesting and marketing. Multi-crops and varieties or your desired crop. Very helpful for those starting an urban project or week-end farm. With visual support. Good for a maximum participants of 5 persons.

Seminar to be conducted outside the office. No minimum participants. Topics on crop production and marketing. How to develop your farm lots? How to sell farm lots? Basic course for week-end farmers. Opportunities in high-value farming after retirement.

All expenses for account of organizers

2. Regular crop-specific seminar. How to grow your own vegetable series. A one and a half hour lecture on specific crops cultural management from sowing to harvesting. Melons, tomato, peppers, sweet corn, papaya, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, herbs, leafy vegetables, carrots, radish and etc.

Venue: Please check schedule with Harbest Communications. 6717411-14 / 0917-5203260

3. One-on-one consultation during office hours is entertained on specific questions on Urban Farming and crop production.

4. Site visits can be arranged to evaluate your farm or for guidance on your standing crops. Scope limited to short-term, high-value crops.

Transportation, board and lodging should be arranged by client.

5. Pick N Pay Garden Center
Convert your vacant lots into a productive and profitable vegetable garden center within your subdivision. Develop a captive market for your CLEAN AND FRESH vegetables overnight with the proven HARBEST AGRITECH technology. Easy to learn. Easy to earn.


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