AGRI+PLAS means products made from high-quality plastic resins and used in agriculture to improve farm management, productivity and quality of produce.   
HARBEST AGRITECH field applications are used as R &  D to prove that these products are applicable and beneficial under Philippineconditions.  Complete price list and listings are available upon request.

Protective farming using plastic materials is now widely used world-wide. As higher productivity level becomes critical in lowering productions costs, researches and actual field demonstration had shown the benefits, in term of higher yield and better crop quality, by applying plasticulture as protection against the sun, rain, wind, pests and diseases.

The Harbest Agritech Team of Harbest Agribusiness Corporation has been promoting extensively the application of plasticulture in short-term, high-value commercial crops such as watermelon, honeydew, muskmelon, papaya, sweet corn, tomato, cucumber, ampalaya, eggplant, upo, patola, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, etc.

Through the introduction of this technology in TECHNO-DEMO FARMS initiated by Harbest and government units as well as private individuals, off-season planting of high-value crops had been found very productive. The adaptation of Taiwanese technology to Philippine conditions, the use of Known-You F1-hybrid seeds and the proper training of farm personnel in improved technologies have opened the doors to many potential growing areas and investors for high-value vegetables and fruits.
The products under the AGRI+PLAS trade name are sourced from the best suppliers after intensive field trials proved their usefulness. The technology promoted by Harbest Agritech uses these products that make agricultural production simpler, cost-effective and more productive. We at Harbest Agribusiness Corp. welcome all inquiries and consultation regarding our proven technology.


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